The KEA STASH is a leak-free, smell-free trash compacting bag for mess free adventures. 



    HOW TO USE: 

      1. FILL IT: Unroll the bag, open the zip-seal and fill the STASH with all your nasty trash
      2. CRUSH IT: With the zip-seal still open, roll the bag up from the bottom to crush the trash & push out the air
      3. STASH IT: Close zip-seal then wrap around the straps and attach the hooks. Tighten straps for more compression
      4. CLEAN IT: Just invert the bag to push out the trash & wash clean with warm water & mild soap solution


    To best empty the STASH, turn the bag inside to push out the contents. Hold the open edges while using our thumbs to push up the outside of the bag in, then use a fist to push the entire bag inside out.




    The STASH allows you to crush down your trash by rolling up from the bottom and using the straps to hold in place.

    • When rolling up bag, ensure the zip-seal to let air escape.
    • Once rolled up, wrap around the straps, hook up and tighten.
    • Using the straps to hold in place you can now close the zip-seal.
    • Do not overfill the bag
    • Only attempt to compact soft goods and trash
    • Do not attempt to crush or roll up the bag when any sharp objects such as cans, metal, broken bottles or glass are present.
    • Do not close the zip-seal if any obstructions are present.
    • Any cuts or punctures caused by the contents of the bag are not considered a defect and are not covered by warranty. 

    CLEANING: Once bag is faced inside out, use a mild-soap solution to wash the inside of the bag. Allow the bag to fully dry before inverting. Do not use any solvents or harsh chemical to clean as these may damage the liner.

    STORAGE: Always remove any trash, clean and dry the liner before storing for a long period of time. Failure to do so may result in damage to the liner.