Fire Starter Kit


The Fire Starting Gear Pack contains all the gear you need to get a fire going when in the outdoors. Featuring a large Ferro/Flint Rod, multiple types of Tinder and a Wire-Saw so you can continue to fuel the fire with larger pieces.


How to use Ferro Rod:

This great little tool is simple to use but very powerful. The Ferroconium rod creates hot sparks that will like any tinder with ease

  • Always use the tungsten striker against the rod on a 45 degree angle 
  • To get a better spark, slowly scrape some of the metal off the rod onto your tinder before lighting. 
  • Use all sides of the Ferro rod so it wears down evenly

How to use Tinder :

The wood & cotton tinder is a great asset to have for starting any fire, it catches a spark easily and has a long burning time.

  • Use your fingernail to peel off small amounts from the log and then separate it with your fingers to make a cotton ball. If you struggle to peel with a fingernail, use the knife to cut a slot at one end of the log and then use your fingers to peel. 
  • Use sparingly, a small amount is all you need if you have constructed your fire properly
  • Always try keep it dry by storing tightly in the tinder case
  • Use wood tinder to fuel the fire before using larger pieces of wood.