Fire is the key to any survival situation, or just to make camp life that much better. It's important that you are equipped with the right tools to easily get a fire started in an emergency.

The KEA KIT Fire pouch includes both a Ferro Rod and rolled Cotton Tinder to make starting fire easy. It is always recommended to carry 2 fire-lighting methods incase of emergency so we also like to pack a liquid fuel lighter in our fire pouch. 

A ferro rod, short for Ferrocerium, is a blend of metals that creates extremely hot sparks when scraped, giving off a spray of sparks. It is durable, waterproof and long lasting so it's important to understand how to use this reliable tool effectively. We also offer the our Ferro Rod as part of the KEA Signal Pack

How to setup your fire

A good fire always starts with a good foundation and preparation. Getting everything ready before hand will make the process less stressful and allow you to build the fire at it's own pace and not risk smothering it.  

  1. Select a good spot: Find a sheltered spot close to your camp but be careful to keep a safe distance from your sleeping area. 
  2. Collect your fuel: Start with gathering tinder and small sticks to build the initial structure. Make sure any sticks are thin and as dry as possible. 
  3. Setup the area: Clear an are where you will build the fire, ensuring it will not accidentally spread and get out of control. If some shelter is required, dig a small hole or make a circle with rocks or stones. 
  4. Build a base: The 'Teepee' method is a great way to get started. Build a bundle of light/dry sticks and foliage and surround it with medium sized stick balancing against each-other, being sure to leave adequate gaps for airflow. 
  5. Start small: Light you're tinder and if required, blow to the base of the fire to improve airflow. As the fire starts to take off, keep adding your smaller stick but be sure to not smother the fire. Once you have a good base of embers you can start adding large sticks/logs. 

That is where the KEA Tinder comes in. This rolled cotton comes apart easily to create a dry ball of fluff that will easily light and stay burning for minutes.


It's important to remember to keep the fire contained and under control at all times. Make sure to monitor the fire and extinguish it completely before leaving the area. With practice and patience, starting a fire with a ferro rod can become a useful and rewarding skill for any outdoor adventurer.